Choirs & Workshops

At Vocally Sound we run training and workshops for choirs, members of the public and corporate events and team building days,

Do you have a choir that you need to run through it's paces?

We offer vocal performance training for choirs from beginners to intermediate level.

Our VPT offers an assessment of all choir members, vocal techniques and performance techniques.We also help to teach parts.  We can also help train up choir leaders for you, too.

Our assessments ensure your members are singing in the right section and find out exactly where they are vocally and musically.

Our VPT helps to improve your members singing abilities, individually and as a group. We focus on blend, tuning, interpreting text, dynamics and how to follow a choir director, amongst other things.

Can't commit to a choir, but love singing??  A Workshop is perfect for you.

Look out for our Gospel singing and Vocal Performance workshops. A great way to get your singing and performance fix.

Learn great songs, vocal tehcniques, singing in harmony, meet new people and feel great!

Sophia Hutchinson


Vocal Performance Tutor

Workshop Leader


Angela Moikeenah


Vocal Performance Tutor

Workshop Leader

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