There is more to singing then just having a good voice.

Here at Vocally Sound, we don't just teach you how to sing. We teach how to perform at your best.

When you book VPT sessions with us, whether individual sessions or group sessions, we cover the following:

Improving vocal range

Improving vocal quality

microphone techniques

Performing live

How to interpret and convey  lyrics with your voice

How to engage your audience

Confidence building

How to use and understand dynamics

How to know when you are singing flat and how to correct it.

How to indentify harmonies and stay in your harmony while others are singing something different.....

......and more.

We tailor your lessons to your needs and work at a pace that benefits you.  All we ask is that you do your homework!

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It's always good to have another set of ears.

Vocally Sound can help you record your album/single.  With our imput we can make sure that you record at your absolute best.

With us in the studio we can help with the following:

making sure all your notes are perfect. Not flat notes.

making sure you're breathing in the right places to eliminate time in editing

making sure that your harmonies/backing vocals are precise

making sure that the song is being interpreted correctly and that your interpretation of the song is clear to your listeners.

......and more.

Your album/single is your legacy.  It's the first chance many will get to hear your voice. So it needs to be your best.

Contact us to discuss how we can help your recording project.

No time to take long term regular sessions?

Watch out for our 6/12 week VPT Workshops. They could pop up anywhere!

Get the opportunity to sing and perform every once in while with our workshops.  Have lots of fun and meet new people and get to perform in front of friends and family.

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